Factor 4 is taking over the non-surgical hair loss treatment by storm. Results that have been witnessed in clinic have shown it to be one of the best methods for hair restoration not only for men but also women who are visiting us with thinning of hair along their hairline. This exciting non-surgical hair loss treatment is the next generation hair growth stimulating blood-serum treatment which uses 100% of your own blood cells. Factor 4 or Autologous anti-ageing Serum is a highly concentrated and super rich blood serum containing four times more growth factors and anti- inflammatory proteins which aid in quicker healing process and less downtime. Results are speaking for themselves and our clients are loving the results they are seeing.

Traditionally men would never dream of “caring” for their skin as women have done throughout the ages, preferring instead to keep it simple. Although we are finding men making appointments are on the rise and we love it. Sleepless nights, stress at work and sun damage start taking their toll from the mid-30’s. We are finding that these men who visit us in clinic aren’t describing themselves as metrosexuals, they’re simply just everyday professionals, partners and fathers who want to look less grumpy, stressed or sleep deprived.


Gold Coast Bulletin showcasing CosMediSpa with an interview of clinic owner – Gaynor Simpson.

Our professional service and dedication to excellence means CosMediSpa is widely recognised as one of the best skin care clinics on the Gold Coast.
As a leader in cutting-edge anti-ageing treatments and techniques along with being a boutique style clinic we are proud to showcase a small team of three Dermal Therapists who are equipped with the knowledge and professionalism to give you that personalised treatment plan while having the ability to be there step by step along your skin care journey.

Your skin is your largest organ of the body, so nourishing it with beneficial cosmeceutical grade ingredients, like antioxidants, is extremely important. Antioxidants are essential, and the more you apply to skin, the better! Just like your diet needs a mix of healthy beneficial nutrients, so does your skin.

Skin pigmentation

Skin pigmentation is an all too common issue for Australians. Whether your pigmentation is a result of too much sun, hormonal activity (Melasma), skin trauma, or genetics, it age your appearance. With studies showing that the removal of unwanted pigmentation can actually make you look 30 years younger– we are asking the question – “what can be done about my pigmentation?”

Saggy Skin? Meet Thermage

For the 8 years CosMediSpa has been established – day in & day out we have found that the most common question & concern facing the men and women who visit our clinic is "what can be done about this sagginess?" To which more times out of none they are referring to their jowls (jawline) or chin.

A Natural Solution to Ageing

Ageing is a fact of life – looking your age is not. As we age many of us begin to delve down the ‘anti-ageing’ path. So, begs the question – "Is there a natural alternative to some anti-ageing treatments?’"

Stay tuned for the best skin care tips and tricks, top skin care products and all the most important things to know when considering non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Welcome to the Cosmedispa non surgical cosmetics and skin care blog!

I am Gaynor Simpson, a specialist nurse practitioner on this blog and I am here to tell you how make sure you are getting the value and good results you deserve from anti-ageing injectables like dermal fillers or muscle relaxants!

What's your skin care routine?

Shellie, a highly experienced clinician at our Gold Coast Skin Clinic gives you this great skin care tip and explains the important role vitamins A, B and C should play in your daily skin care routine.

If you are reading, you probably have an interest in skin care and want to learn more about how to take better care of your skin. You may even have a daily skin care routine (if you don’t, start today!) to keep yourself looking and feeling young, fresh and vibrant. But unless you are making Vitamin A, B and C a part of your daily regimen you are doing your skin a disservice!

orange 1714 640Cellbone is on the Gold Coast!

Vitamin C is really important for good skin care and looking younger! Introducing the Cellbone Anti Ageing Serum cosmeceutical range now available at Cosmedispa.

Do you have problem skin? The Cellbone C-Serum range penetrates your skin more deeply than other products!

Repair and replenish with the Cellbone range

Escape the drying effects of winter with Vitamin B treatments!

Winter is approaching a little faster than we would all prefer, so having good skin care habits and using the right products is essential to keeping your skin smooth and vibrant in the face of the drying, damaging effects of winter. Since most of you aren’t lucky enough to work at a leading skin care clinic on the Gold Coast like me, I wanted to pass on some Vitamin B skin care tips and advice!

What you should know

Which one of these fakes is safe and which ones could be laced with chemicals?

Which one of these fakes is safe and which ones could be laced with chemicals?

Counterfeit makeup and fake cosmetics are a growing problem worldwide as online retailing makes international products even more accessible. In fact, even large retailers haven’t been immune as Target Australia was allegedly unable to tell the difference between fake MAC products and the real stuff!

Cheek fillers at Cosmedispa – An Anti Aging Injection Case Study

Are you considering Cheek fillers or anti aging injections to erase fine lines and wrinkles? See what a difference cheek fillers can make in this case study from Cosmedispa Gold Coast and read our cheek fillers before and after case study!

Our faces are one of the most visible and expressive parts of us, they are a part of who we are and this area is the most visible of all to others throughout our lives. But, this means our faces are also exposed to a wide range of aging effects on a more regular basis that can cause and accelerate the ageing process including lines and wrinkles, smokers lines.

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